Christians Celebrate Holy Week

Courtesy of Rick Nease, McClatchy-Tribune

Christians commemorated “Holy Week” last week just after their return from Spring Break. Although nobody put palm branches down Fullerton Avenue for them.

“Holy week is a set of days that are honored by Christian religions throughout the world,” DePaul President Father Holtschneider said. “It is a moment for Christians to look at the central events that lead up to their belief that Jesus Christ not only died, but also rose again and has remained in the world since that time. ”

Holy Week is the last week of Lent and the week before Easter. Holy Week, which includes Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday, commemorates the last week of Jesus’ life and his resurrection.

“Easter helps touch part of our soul and helps us to know that whatever happens there is something more after death,” said Holtschneider. “We use these days to help build this hope that something happens after death.”
The diverse Christian denominations celebrate the week differently.

Saint Vincent DePaul Parish held several services across the week that included a Mass of the Lord’s Supper, morning prayers, and candle lighting.

“This is an opportunity to step back and take a couple of days to remember what our faith is built around,” said Matt Merkt, the Liturgy Coordinator for Catholic Campus Ministry.

The Protestant programming at DePaul is not very different than normal for Holy Week.

“We conduct our regular scheduled programming but with the Holy Week concept in mind,” said Reverend Ghana Cooper, the Protestant Chaplain at DePaul.

Cooper added that she would like to have more gatherings for the week but it is difficult because most students go home for Easter weekend.

“It’s more of a personal family thing where people go home to reflect with their families,” said Auriel Banister, a freshman at DePaul who said she practices the Protestant faith. Whether they go home or not, Cooper said she hopes students will be reminded of God’s love and their responsibility to love others.


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